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High there!

     High Yoga incorporates conscious consuming methods with cannabis education to improve

and elevate our mindfulness and yoga practices. We focus on curating an all levels friendly environment for yogis and consumers at all stages in their journey. We have curated over 175+ classes and events providing a range of offerings for those in NY, NJ, and PA. 

     "Cannabis Yoga isn’t about accomplishing poses. It’s about feeling our bodies, grounding ourselves, and becoming more present in the current moment." 

- Emily Fabs,  Founder

All classes are 21+. Yoga mats and blocks are always provided but feel free to bring your own!


our mission

Our mission at High Yoga is to provide conscious cannabis education and wellness based classes and to those in the community. To ensure that is possible courses and resources can be accessible to both in - person and virtual experiences to curate spaces for our members to network and connect. 

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